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Michael is a professional and friendly traditional maker, repairer and restorer of instruments and bows of the violin family.

A graduate of the world renown Newark School, and formally trained in the methods of Antonio Stradivari, he gained NSVM certification and holds the Beare’s Diploma for violin making.

A specialist in instrument set up and tonal adjustment, Michael is also an approved repairer for Allianz Musical Instrument Insurance.

Appearances on BBC Television & Radio, plus lectures in Europe, have resulted in some of the world’s top players seeking out Michael’s skills and assistance … that said, he is equally committed to looking after his many student players and beginners. 

Michael has ultimate respect for his customer’s instruments and bows and appreciates that they have entrusted him personally to do the work and therefore, unlike some, never sub-contracts work to anyone  . . .   

 “My reputation is important to me because this is not just my job … it’s my passion ! … and so the work is always done right and in the proper manner, never rushed or compromised. 

That said, sometimes a player has an imminent concert, audition or examination deadline and I do my utmost to help them meet their commitments.”

Additionally, “I give advice openly, honestly and freely and I am totally committed to providing my customers with the highest quality service and care. I believe the relationship between the player and the luthier is very much a partnership, based on trust, sharing the same common goal … to make you sound superb and be as good as you can be !

Players of all abilities, ages and backgrounds are welcomed in my workshops … because I care.” 

Fettling Vilde Frang's 1709 Stradivari  ‘The Engleman’ . . .  previously played by Lisa Batiashvili.
Fettling Vilde Frang's 1709 Stradivari ‘The Engleman’ . . . previously played by Lisa Batiashvili.