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07977  263 617

for Violin Viola Cello D/bass repair

& bow re-hair

(Liverpool & North Wales workshops)

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Liverpool Violin Repair Hands

● Specialist in Set Up and Tonal Adjustment

I can improve your instrument's sound (projection, amplitude, tone & timbre) and make it easier to play.

● Full Range of Professional Repairs & Restoration

Standard and specialist repairs, full restoration and conservation. I can provide a courtesy instrument for the duration of the repair. I am an approved repairer for Allianz Musical Instrument Insurance.

● Highest Quality Bow Re-hair & Servicing

Quality bow re-hairing, stick and frog repairs, and camber/warp correction.

● Fine Old & New Instruments For Sale

Always a selection of fully restored and set up antique instruments and new ready-to-play instruments in stock.

● Violins, Violas & Cellos Handmade to Order

Superbly crafted instruments & bows commissioned and made to your personal specification.

● Instrument Appraisal and Valuations for Probate & Insurance

Honest assessment and judgement of instruments with a written evaluation report or a free verbal opinion. Formal valuations for probate and insurance purposes.

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Michael Phoenix Liverpool Violin Viola Cello repairer restoration and maker



Michael is a professional and friendly traditional maker, repairer and restorer of instruments and bows of the violin family.

A graduate of the world renown Newark School, and formally trained in the methods of Antonio Stradivari, he gained NSVM certification and holds the Beare’s Diploma for violin making.

A specialist in instrument set up and tonal adjustment, Michael is also an approved repairer for Allianz Musical Instrument Insurance.

Appearances on BBC Television & Radio, plus lectures in Europe, have resulted in some of the world’s top players seeking out Michael’s skills and assistance … that said, he is equally committed to looking after his many student players and beginners   . . . 

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Workshops in Liverpool One and North Wales

 If you plan to visit without an appointment please call 07977 263 617 first, to confirm I am at that workshop that day.   

Michael Phoenix Violins

the Bluecoat, School Ln, Liverpool, England L1 3BX, United Kingdom

07977 263 617


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